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A Note From Doctor Oli

Welcome to

Who am I, and why am I so passionate about teaching others about living healthier?

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Miller-Fisher Syndrome, a subtype of the better-known Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Long story short, after leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, expecting not to walk for a long time, or maybe with a walker for the rest of my life, everything immediately changed. I was especially devastated because in just a few months, I was supposed to walk my only daughter down the aisle.

Since I exhausted all possible treatment options of modern medicine, I started to search for alternative means to support my health and recovery. I called my friend Gary Young, internationally known for his expertise in using plant-based remedies and essential oils, and asked him for advice.

Gary, living in the world of integrative and alternative, natural plant-based methods, and I, living in the modern world of medicine full of pharmaceutical drugs and prescriptions, met somewhere in the middle. Combining our experiences led to a health-supporting protocol for me.

At that time, I had been a speaker for Young Living for several years and my family and I knew about the importance of products free of harsh chemicals. As a physician, I had already seen firsthand what the increased toxic burden in our world did to my patients, like increased occurrence of disease, unbalanced hormone levels, and decreased fitness and wellness.

So now I had to make major adjustments to my own life. My wife Ellen and I completely overhauled our lifestyles and replaced the products used in our home with Young Living’s healthy alternatives. I survived my illness and walked my daughter down the aisle. I am now fully recovered from my medical condition.

This outcome was astonishing to me, and sharing this information suddenly became very personal. I made it my mission to inform and educate others about the importance of a life free of any harsh chemicals while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

There is so much more to come, so stay tuned!

…And don’t forget to exercise, in some manner, for 3o minutes every day.

-Doctor Oli

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