Crown Diamond

Ellen was born and raised in Switzerland, where she married her fantastic husband, Olivier Wenker. They have two children (Nick and Dana) and also now have two wonderful “bonus kids” (Megan and Sam) aka in-laws. She has a Master's Degree in Art History from the University of Zürich. Ellen worked as a book editor, substitute teacher, and she was a stay-at-home mom for a few years while her kids were little.

When Ellen’s youngest child was in high school, she decided to follow her passion for Yoga and became a certified Yoga Teacher. This is how Ellen first learned about the wonderful properties of Young Living Essential Oils. Because she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease years ago, Ellen now follows a healthy diet, avoiding processed food, gluten, dairy and nightshades, which made a huge difference in her life.

Since Ellen became aware of the desperate plight of abandoned dogs, she now fosters for local rescue organizations. Her ultimate dream is to one day have a sanctuary farm for "unadoptable" dogs - like the old and handicapped ones. As of right now, Ellen and Doctor Oli have already adopted five pups who bring them so much joy every single day.

“Follow your dreams, and follow your passions!”



Dana Carina (Wenker) Schorr is Doctor Oli and Ellen’s daughter. She was born in Switzerland and grew up in Texas, where she attended the University of Texas and earned a Linguistics degree with minors in French and German.

She began using Young Living products in 2012, first with just the Thieves line of cleaners and then slowly adding essential oils into her everyday life. Now she is a Gold leader with Young Living and has essential oils and products all over her house!

Dana especially relies on the supplements and oils that support her active lifestyle. She is a pole and aerial dance instructor in California, and a national pole competitor, so staying healthy and fit is very important to her. Dana has also started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube using the new Savvy Minerals makeup line by Young Living.



Texas born and raised, Megan married Doctor Oli’s son, Nick Wenker, in August 2018 and moved to Utah to start their married life. After working for 5 years in the oil and gas industry creating commercial strategies for capital projects, she decided not to continue a promising career in Corporate America in pursuit of a creative venture that enables a flexible lifestyle.

Megan’s passion for a healthy living has been fueled by her own health struggles. She has followed a Paleo diet since 2015 and constantly reminds herself cheese is really not worth the acne and stomachache. Megan has a passion for cooking and loves to create new versions of traditional recipes that are allergen-free. She joined Young Living in August 2016 after her encounter with the original Valor Blend, and now uses essential oil products in every aspect of her life!





Michael is a software developer, cocktail mixer, part-time cowboy, and wellness enthusiast. He leads a small team of developers, creating tools to make our team — and yours — successful.

Michael holds degrees in Cognitive Science and Psychology from Rice University, where he pursued research in human factors and human-computer interaction. He went on to found Build For Humans, a human-centered, web-focused tech consultancy.

In the EO world, Michael is known as the "Essential Mixologist" owing to his recipes for using essential oils to create "mock spirits" and alcohol-free cocktails.

When he's not programming, you'll find him cooking dinner with friends, dancing, teaching, traveling, and buying out Young Living’s entire stock of Cypress oil.