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Sarah Harnisch

I had the honor of meeting Doctor Oli on my first Young Living Global Leadership Cruise in Venice, Italy in 2015. I was a 36-year-old running on a treadmill when this old, old man came up, set his treadmill faster than mine, chugged some red drink and ran for 45 straight minutes on one of the highest speeds. I would look over, increase my pace, get tired, and set it back to a walk… over and over and over again. I thought to myself “Who is this guy? And what do I need to do to be as healthy??” Later that night, he took to the dance floor with his beautiful wife Ellen, and he was flipping her over his head and dipping her as I stood off to the side, unsuccessfully trying to snap my fingers in rhythm to the music. 

Doctor Oli has had my heart since the first moment I met him—not because he is spectacularly smart (which he is), or has a resume longer than a dozen doctors (which he does), or because he is a gifted speaker and writer and researcher that I deeply respect, or because he was Gary’s personal medical consultant and had the ear of the man that founded this company, or even because he loves his two kids and his wife and serves them more than anything else in the world. He has my heart because he is honorable, humble, and has every quality that Gary Young would look for in his closest friends. Oli truly is a Renaissance man, gifted at cycling and a lover of dogs, who sees gifts and goodness in every person he meets. He is also a trusted, treasured friend who has poured into me more times than I can count, even when I did not see that the goal was possible. Oli dreams like Gary. I believe he is one of the few men left on this earth that truly encapsulates the spirit of Gary Young in every single way.

Why should you read this book—or anything that Oli writes? Because he has decades in the medical field and sees the world of oils through a professional lens. Because he is also a gifted writer than can articulate why it’s so critical for you to have oils in your home and USE them every day, and he can explain it in a way you’ve never heard before- not as an aromatherapist, but as a medical doctor and scientist with a knack for making complex concepts simple. Because he has commanded the respect of the medical world and can walk into a hospital not his own and be honored, yet he never mentions a word of what has happened—which means the knowledge he’s passing to you is from a gentle and kind spirit that emulates the way Gary himself would have trained you. Because he was the trusted confidant, friend, and global traveler to and with Gary Young, and has decades of his knowledge stored away in his head—projects they have worked on together and whispered behind walls. It is knowledge we’ll lose forever if it’s not written down. You should read this book because Oli has the tenacity and fight to train you to be the protector of your home, family, and body. And the whole world will be better with this man’s wisdom. He has forever changed my life. And now he is about to change yours.

I challenge you to buy this book and every book he writes because it will grow you. If you act on what you read, it will dramatically change the way you look at oils in your home.  Every bottle will have new purpose, significance, and meaning. But most importantly, read this book and pass the knowledge of Gary through Oli to those you meet. If you do that, you will have a hand in getting Young Living Essential Oils in every home of the world.

And that is why we do what we do. Not to sell, but to train. Without training, there is no understanding or knowledge of how to care for ourselves. Your health is your greatest gift! Without it, there is no thriving family and no way to pursue your calling and purpose. Oli has spent his life teaching people preventative maintenance and self-care. This book is his precious gift to us. You can read it and put it on a shelf, or you can change the world one bottle at a time. It’s time for us to pick up where Gary left off.

Your training starts now.

-Sarah Harnisch

Mom of five. Lover of Jesus.

Young Living Diamond and International speaker.

Radio network news anchor in Chicago and New York.

Amazon best-selling author of the Gameplan series (1.5 million sold!)

Connie Marie McDanel

This is an excellent resource!!

I love this book for guiding individuals month-by-month towards a non-toxic lifestyle! Every chapter is scientifically referenced supporting the value behind the Young Living products. This a must-have book as it gives valid explanation for each choice toward a healthier lifestyle.

As the founder of the Healing Home Movement twenty years ago, my heart jumped with excitement to have a book like this to back up our message.  From our gut to the great outdoors, we have a month by month teaching guide supported by scientific resources. This serves as a third-party validation for those sharing our message!

I have known Olivier Wenker, MD as my physician and as a personal friend.  I have trusted his guidance through my own health journey and have respected his counsel.  So having his explanation and his endorsement is a game changer in sharing the impact Young Living can have on our daily lives.

His integrity comes from a true desire to help others, and he always gives above and beyond expectation in his professional and personal life.  He is respected by thousands around the world as an educator.

With that said, I know you will appreciate this impactful book and how it will add back-up credibility to your message!   

Connie Marie McDanel

Royal Crown Diamond

Healing Home Movement

Co-author of Aroma Home & Aroma Clean


Jen O’Sullivan

Doctor Oli’s new book A Doctor’s Guide to Essential Rewards packs an incredible punch if you’re looking for a health do-over.

He’s one of the most well-respected physicians who teaches integrated lifestyle changes over pushing pills.

This book will help you understand the why, what, and how when it comes to making a permanent healthful shift in your choices and habits.

A Doctor’s Guide to Essential Rewards is full of relevant research to back up his healthy shift suggestions and it will help his readers to have zero excuses when it comes to choosing health!

Jen O’Sullivan

Author of 6 best sellers

Creator of The EO Bar and Live Well apps